$AIA Token

AI NFTs for the Community

We are boosting the NFT ecosystem.

What is $AIA?

$AIA is a social currency deployed in the ERC-20 standard,
backed by NFT assets created using Artificial Intelligence.

Read our Whitepaper for more details.

See $AIA on Etherscan.

Buy $AIA tokens on SushiSwap.


There are exactly 10 million $AIA tokens created underpinned by the NFT assets in the $AIA Collection.
A detailed list of NFT assets in the $AIA Collection can be found at AIANFT.com.

In particular we maintain three main collections: AIA, AIA Gallery, PopMasks

The $AIA Token has as a primary goal building the community of NFT creators and collectors
as well as bringing deep tech to the blockchain community.

Tokens will be distributed as follow:
2,000,000 $AIA will be reserved for the community
1,000,000 $AIA will be reserved for marketing purposes
1,000,000 $AIA will be a reward for the founding team.

All potential revenues derived from the $AIA project will be:
reinvested into building a better NFT infrastructure, reinvested into creating new Artificial Intelligence algorithms,
used to mint new NFTs, used to buy NFTs from other artists and creators to boost the NFT community.

This will create a healthy cycle of appreciation for artists, collectors and the broad cryptocurrency community.

How to buy $AIA

Here's a step by step guide to buying AIA Tokens:

1. You need a Metamask with ETH or other Ethereum wallet.

2. Now go to SushiSwap and connect your wallet.

3. You'll see 'From' being set to ETH by default and 'To' will be set to AIA if you use the above link.

4. You can now swap ETH into AIA.

Future Developments

We're committed to innovating in the NFT and crypto space. In 2021 and beyond we plan to:
  • integrate $AIA with NFT marketplaces;
  • introduce $AIA staking to directly earn NFTs;
  • create unique NFTs just for $AIA holders.
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